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I am rapidly losing all hope that Trey's needs will be met within the public school system, or even in the private school system. Most institutions are just not prepared to educate an extremely gifted child.

I can't say that the school isn't trying - he's getting his acceleration test, they've been sending him to 1st grade for supplemental reading, his math worksheets are not the same as his friends. However, he's still 5. He still needs to have outside recess (which he has not been getting at all.) He still needs free time in his day to process what he's learned and make decisions.

I dunno, time for another meeting - and I've contacted a gifted advocacy organization for help. I don't want him to feel that being smart is a burden - although it can be. I don't want him to feel too different, although he is very different from his calendar peers.

I will try some more direct education activities this summer, and then we'll see. I've been resistant to commit to homeschooling, but Trey may not have another option to satisfy his mind and body.

Date: 2013-03-08 06:00 pm (UTC)
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maybe stop hoping the school system will address his intellectual needs and do that at home? School is for more than just academic pursuits and he gets good things out of going so why not just do the intellectual challenges at home? Public school just is not equipped, as you have seen, to help kids like him. Let him just get what he can out of school for things other than academics. Khayman had the same problem. We just didn't try for the whole skipping grades thing because (in his case) he was too emotionally immature to really hack being with older kids. He stayed in his grade, did all honors and advanced and whatnot classes whenever possible, slept through most lectures and got great grades without trying but learn a lot about other things.

We tried private schools and for academics some are awesome (Friends school, Horizons) but the discipline tends to be for more self-starters than Khayman was at the time and he took advantage of their lassez-faire attitude. I'm sure most of the really good private schools aren't anywhere near you anyway.

Date: 2013-03-09 04:28 am (UTC)
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Well, we did some "enrichment" at home and the end result was to make him more alienated and frustrated. As for socializing, kids his own age are like puppies as far as he's concerned.

I know that all but a very few educational institutions are prepared to adequately educate a child who is not on the neat parabola of the central bell curve. But I have recent;y discovered 2 things a) I set the bar for average waaaaaaay too high. b) I underestimated Trey quite a bit as well.

Trey is more than ready to handle being in the second grade next year emotionally - but I don't know if that will be enough.

I am frustrated that we live in one of the top performing elementary districts inside of one of the top performing areas in the entire fucking state and they behave as if they've never encountered a gifted child before. I am frustrated that his needs are not being met and that I'm not sure how to get them met. I am frustrated about the overwhelming wall of "FWP" blow off that I get when I express concern for him.

Trey is starting to experience behaviour problems at school and depression at home. Yes, there are some things that he loves about school - the bus, chess club and recess. And those joys are no longer enough to stave off the crushing boredom and increasing alienation from his classmates. After talking with him about the testing which was supposed to cover not only his IQ and emotional readiness but also find the limits of his knowledge. The test was not ambitious enough to find his limits. He's upset about that - he was looking forward to being given something he couldn't do in five seconds.

I'm rambling and incoherent, I know. I just don't want my child to feel bad about who he is. I know that I have the academic and intellectual capacity to educate him, but I don't know if I have the patience to wear ONE MORE HAT!

SJ will likely be fine. She is a little more punk rock than her brother, and less concerned with what other people think of her. However, the transition from Montessori to regular classroom might not work out for her.


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