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I want a tattoo. Specifically, I want an Alice tattoo, a Gorey illustration, or a tattoo from the movie "A Mouse and his Child." (If you haven't seen this movie, and that's likely - it's genius. This movie affected me so deeply, I can still quote from it today. A work of unparalleled genius that I'm not sure you can feel the same way about as an adult - so show it to your kids. I have a copy that I will happily lend to anyone. Even if you don't have kids, watch it. It's amazing.)

Alice in Wonderland occupies a similar space in my heart, as do the works of Edward Gorey. The problem with Alice and Gorey is the proliferation of bad copy art (Gorey) and gross misinterpretation (Alice).

I love many things Alice, including the Disney movie - which is what made me read the book. I wouldn't consider any of the Disney art for ink - and my favorite Tenneil's would have to be cropped, because they are large. Some of the Hildebrand brothers illustrations are beautiful as well, and I am fond of some of the darker interpretations -but not sure I really want that for ink.

I don't even know where to begin on Gorey. I must have been in Kindergarten the first time I saw Gorey. It was "The Reluctant Guest." I'm not sure it was even supposed to be in my classroom - maybe it was. Or maybe it was the library. At any rate, I had just begun to read well enough that I would just pick books at random and read them while Goldi looked for her own books to read. I was captivated. I renewed that book until the librarian GAVE it to me. For many years, my winter coat was a majestic vinyl and plush concoction that looked JUST like the coat from the book. I still miss that coat - even though it was probably time for it to pass out of my life. I still miss it, and would take it back in a second - even if it never gets colder than 50, I will find a reason to wear it.

There are so many wonderful quotes from "A Mouse and his Child," so even though the artwork may not be familiar to most (I don't really want to answer a bunch of questions about it - I discovered recently that it was based on a book, so now I want to read it. (I also want to read the book that "The Princess Bride" is based on. I want to read the 14 pages about what they packed for a trip.) There are a few iconic images in my mind that can convey the right message if paired with a quote. One of the Elephant, one of the actual Mouse and Child, - the Raven... Anyway. Enough of this.

I need to go to sleep now.
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