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this really depends on the ex. if the breakup was cruelty free, yes. i will happily accept friend requests. but there are some on the ex list that i would still sooner run over in the street than answer a friend request from. there have been some requests that made me be all LOL WUT? i also have to admit that i am more likely to accept a fb request, since my lj is actually a little more personal.

my husband is also friends with a few exes. which i think is a little weird, cause the ex in question was kind of nasty to him for most of their relationship and broke up with him because she didn't think he'd make "good" babies. (oh the irony! our kids are SUPER!)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]it looks like a venetian carnival mask. or a wolf. 

so, party or death? 
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does a husband count?

i guess it isn't stealing if i was already his mistress through three other girlfriends prior to the last one before we got married.

and no, i don't feel the least bit guilty.
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volleyball. it was like a blood sport at the middle schoool i went to.

to this very day, i reflexively duck when anything even resembling a volleyball approaches me.
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beaker singing the ode to joy.....

go ahead, click it. you know you want to.


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