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So this is still here! w00t.
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The fuck, lj, I can only go back 1 page? Sorry to all my friends I can't fucking comment on, cause I can't see your entries.
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We had a fun day, enjoyed our presents and our dim sum. Next year, though, we might go back to a traditional plate restaurant. The dim sum was slightly less adventurous than usual, probably because of the large numbers of white people in the restaurant.

It's also really easy to lose track of how much money you are spending at Dim Sum. We didn't go too far over our target number, but still didn't stay under it either. And also, when it's crowded, it's hard to ask questions.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I for one am looking forward to the next clean slate that 2014 will bring.


Nov. 11th, 2013 10:37 pm
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I might finally get all the bills handled this pay cycle. 


It will be nice to enjoy my spiffy new ringtone instead of declining every call.

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I want a tattoo. Specifically, I want an Alice tattoo, a Gorey illustration, or a tattoo from the movie "A Mouse and his Child." (If you haven't seen this movie, and that's likely - it's genius. This movie affected me so deeply, I can still quote from it today. A work of unparalleled genius that I'm not sure you can feel the same way about as an adult - so show it to your kids. I have a copy that I will happily lend to anyone. Even if you don't have kids, watch it. It's amazing.)

Alice in Wonderland occupies a similar space in my heart, as do the works of Edward Gorey. The problem with Alice and Gorey is the proliferation of bad copy art (Gorey) and gross misinterpretation (Alice).

I love many things Alice, including the Disney movie - which is what made me read the book. I wouldn't consider any of the Disney art for ink - and my favorite Tenneil's would have to be cropped, because they are large. Some of the Hildebrand brothers illustrations are beautiful as well, and I am fond of some of the darker interpretations -but not sure I really want that for ink.

I don't even know where to begin on Gorey. I must have been in Kindergarten the first time I saw Gorey. It was "The Reluctant Guest." I'm not sure it was even supposed to be in my classroom - maybe it was. Or maybe it was the library. At any rate, I had just begun to read well enough that I would just pick books at random and read them while Goldi looked for her own books to read. I was captivated. I renewed that book until the librarian GAVE it to me. For many years, my winter coat was a majestic vinyl and plush concoction that looked JUST like the coat from the book. I still miss that coat - even though it was probably time for it to pass out of my life. I still miss it, and would take it back in a second - even if it never gets colder than 50, I will find a reason to wear it.

There are so many wonderful quotes from "A Mouse and his Child," so even though the artwork may not be familiar to most (I don't really want to answer a bunch of questions about it - I discovered recently that it was based on a book, so now I want to read it. (I also want to read the book that "The Princess Bride" is based on. I want to read the 14 pages about what they packed for a trip.) There are a few iconic images in my mind that can convey the right message if paired with a quote. One of the Elephant, one of the actual Mouse and Child, - the Raven... Anyway. Enough of this.

I need to go to sleep now.
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So I have reams of notes and printouts, and am prepared as I can be to take advantage of this last minute school board meeting to attack the appalling mismanagement of gifted resources at Davis.

I'm smart, motivated, and excellent debater.

Of course they could run out of time, and I'll just have to accost my personal school board member after the meeting and see if I can't get an office appt. I am well aware of the fact that the system is not designed to even try to meet the needs of either one of my children at this point. However, I am still playing along as if sending him to repeat the 1st grade is my only option if I fail.

Why? For all the parents of gifted kids who have to work long hours, leaving nothing extra for this sort of shit. For the gifted kids who aren't being identified because NT criteria are NA, and the small minded hacks in county board offices WON'T examine the evidence that's in front of their faces. For all the parents who aren't able to homeschool when the local school fails them. For my second child, who will need my reputation to precede me when she needs exceptions to the rules that have nothing to do with gifted children and everything to do with NCLB.

I had a rather long convo with Sommersett not too long ago about whether I wanted to raise Trey to be in the box or outside of the box. I want to raise him to decide his fate - not blindly accept it. I want him to skip a grade because he is suffering intellectually and socially with his calendar peers. I don't want him to hid his light under a barrel because that's indoctrinated into him by the hacks at the CCSD.

I know what's best for my child may not be best for every child. I am not backing down.
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conducting another hair experiment. I mixed some complements blue with the live color. While the live color is called "Mystic Violet" and is very plummy on the box, it's a little too red on the hair. Purple, but not purple enough. The longevity of the tone was excellent, though.

So here's hoping that the 1oz of blue enhancer gets me the tone and longevity I'm after, otherwise, I'll have to switch to pravana, which will have to be a very dark color to keep my single process method. If I have to go double process, I'll have to cut a bunch of hair off, and probably have the first lightening done professionally.

Wish me luck.
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I never have anything to say about potty training in community posts. Both of mine were trained with little fanfare before 2. And largely without intervention from me - all I did was provide an appropriate receptacle, clap a few times for success and viola, done.

Good luck world.

And btw, I did not potty train my children to make other women feel bad, nor do either of them have recurrent bladder infections or behavior problems or any of the other dire consequences proponents of later training promise. My kids were ready, I let them learn.

Actually, that seems to be my whole philosophy. Kids seem ready for x,y or z. Let them try. If succeed - cheer and praise. If not, comfort and try again.

Kids are not the hard part of my life.
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As an abuse survivor, I will NEVER support this event until they are done with Kramer. I don't care how hard it is, how much money they will lose or if the remaining share holders have to work at Subway for the rest of their lives. The convention has other problems that kept me away - but this is the final nail in the coffin. Doing the right thing is often difficult. Suck it up, buttercup. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

In other words, cry me a fucking river that you might lose some money. Have you assholes considered what those kids are going through? Have you considered the measurable costs of proper therapy and the invisible costs of limiting someone for life through trauma.

FUCK YOU. Dragon-Con performer and customer Jim Stacy to stay away this year. “I can’t in good conscience have money that I’ve spent going to continue to allow him to skirt a trial date,”
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So, after the principal said Trey was struggling with math and language arts, I took it upon myself to email the 1st grade teacher he's been working with to ask for work samples and more guidance about what she'd like me to reinforce at home.

She was baffled.

I mean, called me and specifically said - I'm not sure what gave you the impression that Trey was struggling. He picks everything up inside of a few examples and is surging forward even faster since he started going back to recess with his original class.

She mentioned that he's a lazy writer, but has no problem expressing himself or completing his other classwork.

Gee Dr. Mobley, I can't imagine why he had trouble when you took away his fucking recess. How about revisiting some child development books?
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Has emerged from his chrysalis once more to be an awesome butterfly.

Time to get some shit done before upcycle takes my butterfly and turns him back into a hummingbird.
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I am rapidly losing all hope that Trey's needs will be met within the public school system, or even in the private school system. Most institutions are just not prepared to educate an extremely gifted child.

I can't say that the school isn't trying - he's getting his acceleration test, they've been sending him to 1st grade for supplemental reading, his math worksheets are not the same as his friends. However, he's still 5. He still needs to have outside recess (which he has not been getting at all.) He still needs free time in his day to process what he's learned and make decisions.

I dunno, time for another meeting - and I've contacted a gifted advocacy organization for help. I don't want him to feel that being smart is a burden - although it can be. I don't want him to feel too different, although he is very different from his calendar peers.

I will try some more direct education activities this summer, and then we'll see. I've been resistant to commit to homeschooling, but Trey may not have another option to satisfy his mind and body.

iOS 6.x

Feb. 24th, 2013 10:28 pm
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I am finally updating my iPad OS. I've been putting it off for months, and I still don't feel 100% confident that the sync went well. Fortunately, after this upgrade I can then get iOS updates directly via wireless, no iTunes required.

ETA: it took for evah, but my lag ang crash issues seem to have abated, so worth it. I don't like the safari tabs, though.
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Meeting with the principal Wed morning to schedule Trey's acceleration test. Dr. Mobley must have felt a disturbance in the force....
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Ive been a non-smoker for almost 72 hours. I don't want to talk about it, and I don't need to be cheered on. I just need to soldier on and stop eating. Holy shit, the hunger.
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I can't decide which child's rendition of Katy Perry's iconic track is more hilarious. Boy child? Or girl child? I mean, SJ really belts it out, but Trey sounds so sweet.
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So, my 20 year reunion took place while I was in NOLA, and once again, things did not turn out like I expected. Which, I should have expected. I had been innudated with horror stories about other's reunions, and how all the bullies were still bullies and so on and so forth. Here's the thing - Franklin was not a regular high school. It was/is exclusively for gifted students. Not bright, not above average - gifted. Our football team was hopelessly outclassed, but we had fencing. Our chess team was nationally competitive, as were our quiz bowl and science fair winners (A girl in my class discovered a new polymer. As a sophmore.) TWO people in my class got perfect scores on the ACT test, which led me to describe my own 95th percentile score as OK (because I only got a perfect score in 2 of 4 sections and tanked one of them with a mere 70th percentile score.)

I was deeply divided about going at all. 2 neurosurgeons, a bunch of doctors, a bunch of lawyers, several professors and assorted other brainiac types (forensic computer analyst for the FBI, LEEDS engineer, etc.) I seriously felt inadequate. I'm a housewife. A deranged housewife at that. I'm a terrible housekeeper, I make bad decisions all the time, and I have certainly not lived up to my supposed potential by any sort of monetary measure. Not to mention the bad break ups, I had my first BIG love (ended badly) and my BEST friend (ended badly) in my graduating class.

And then I realized something amazing. Those people hurt me 16 and 17 YEARS AGO. I remember the details the way you remember the plot of an especially good story. And I can't say that I'm 100% blameless in either scenario - but I'm far enough away that I could offer an apology for whatever crazy shit I did in exchange for a few updates and the ability to tag my fucking pictures, yanno? Furthermore, there were the people i have internet relationships with, that I wanted to see in meatspace (those people will be their own topic, cause HAHAHAHAHAHA! It was AWESOME!), the faces in the crowd that I was sorta curious about, and those people I cared deeply for - but we'd been separated by time and space and really wanted to see again.

For a day or so leading up to the event, I considered what I would say about myself. I couldn't stop focusing on what I don't do - I don't get a paycheck, I don't have a cool job, I'm not hot anymore, I'm not driving a fancy car, my kids are wild, I didn't breastfeed long enough... on and on and on. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking about what I actually DO - I don't use chemical cleaners, I drive a hybrid car, I have purple (ish) hair, I wear Doc's and birks to the exclusion of all other shoes. I cook in cast iron, I am using bioremediation to reclaim my yard space. I am starting a business, and have plans to use locally sourced produce to cater. I encourage my kids to make decisions, I let them run like maniacs in the yard. I am a professional hippie.

I am happy.
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I bought our badges and secured our accommodations for POC!

I seriously cannot wait.

Now, I need to lose enough weight to fit into the costumes I already have.


Dec. 20th, 2012 09:26 pm
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I found one lonely tube of complements in violet hiding in my bathroom behind the gloves. I put that, some 20 volume developer (I wish I had 10, but whatevs.) and a 1/2 tube each of violet and fuscia ion all together with s tablespoon or so of conditioner. Colored the front very exactly and evenly and just pulled the rest through.

Then in the new year, I can work a professional visit into the budget.

I hope this works. My 20th reunion is in one week. But since I don't actually care about anyone's opinion I guess it doesn't matter that much. I am more curious to see if the 6% theory is borne out in my class. (supposedly only 6% of gifted individuals reach their full potential. I can't find the study again, so I'm beginning to suspect that it's bogus. I should have bookmarked it - except I think it was actually a study about the comorbidity of giftedness and depression.)

I hope Chuckles doesn't start any bullshit, although Drew and I have already agreed that we'll bail with the quickness should he try.

Off to wrap presents, and wait for my color to process!
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