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Like anyone with human emotions, I am reeling from the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook. The horror is too much for me to examine right now. I'm horrified at the vitriol and name calling in the gun debate, the lack of compassion for the families affected, and the horrifying new lows people have sunk to in the dialog surrounding this vile, vile deed.

I am amazed at the bravery of the teachers and grateful for every little life they saved. I will honor their memories by trying to be a better person. And I'm going to put a little extra in the teacher's holiday gift envelope this year and whenever I can afford it.

And that's as far as I can get before I start bawling.

Date: 2012-12-16 03:57 am (UTC)
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I'm a bit... I mean, there are things to say and discuss, and Portland just happened, and then some stuff just happened in Alabama today, and when are we actually supposed to finally just say hey, something is happening and we need to do something?

Still. At the same time, I feel like... I am not the speaker for the dead. I will not stand on this platform. It's simply too painful.

I also know a lot of teachers, and they're kind of reeling themselves. I'm right with you on the big love for the teachers. They need to feel how much we love them.


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