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mrs_mitzelplix ([personal profile] mrs_mitzelplix) wrote2013-06-05 07:30 pm

Hi school board, it's me. Your penultimate nightmare.

So I have reams of notes and printouts, and am prepared as I can be to take advantage of this last minute school board meeting to attack the appalling mismanagement of gifted resources at Davis.

I'm smart, motivated, and excellent debater.

Of course they could run out of time, and I'll just have to accost my personal school board member after the meeting and see if I can't get an office appt. I am well aware of the fact that the system is not designed to even try to meet the needs of either one of my children at this point. However, I am still playing along as if sending him to repeat the 1st grade is my only option if I fail.

Why? For all the parents of gifted kids who have to work long hours, leaving nothing extra for this sort of shit. For the gifted kids who aren't being identified because NT criteria are NA, and the small minded hacks in county board offices WON'T examine the evidence that's in front of their faces. For all the parents who aren't able to homeschool when the local school fails them. For my second child, who will need my reputation to precede me when she needs exceptions to the rules that have nothing to do with gifted children and everything to do with NCLB.

I had a rather long convo with Sommersett not too long ago about whether I wanted to raise Trey to be in the box or outside of the box. I want to raise him to decide his fate - not blindly accept it. I want him to skip a grade because he is suffering intellectually and socially with his calendar peers. I don't want him to hid his light under a barrel because that's indoctrinated into him by the hacks at the CCSD.

I know what's best for my child may not be best for every child. I am not backing down.